What does a failed item look like?
How many of these items do you think would pass?








Although most people think these look fine in fact none of these items passed our PAT testing. Here is why

Pic 1 - Neither the live or the neutral pin have any insulation.

Pic 2 - The earth pin should not have any insulation on it at all.

Pic 3 - This none CE approved usb plug was supplied without any internal fuse causing the whole plug to be blown up in the case of a fault.
Pic 4 - This standard IEC lead also known as a kettle lead looked fine on our visual tests but when our machines
performed the final tests we detected it had a break in the earth inside the cable.

Pic 5 - All our staff have regular updates of recalled items, so when we found this washing machine in a customers house that had been recalled due to fire hazards we advised them to contact the distributor.

Pic 6 - From the outside this another example of everything looks fine but inside this plug was wired in reverse.

What happened with the failed items?
Pic 1,2 & 6 we was able to fix / replace the parts onsite and pass them at no addition cost.
Pic 3 & 4 we was able to replace these items straight away 

Pic 5 she received a brand new safe washing machine the very next day. 

Failed items

What happens if my items fail?

Most items that fail are normally because of something small that we are able to fix onsite free of charge. Example such as wrong fuse, damaged plug, wired incorrectly or poorly wired. 

Before we leave we will always notify you of any failures but it might be a case we can fix it or replace, as we carry spares & replacement cables when testing.

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